Ayrton Farias (Tony)



Quantitative Summary

Field No. of Meetings No. of Days
Information Technology57243
International Cooperation114234
Law Enforcement37129
Petrochemical Industry1155
Health Policies1642
Animal Sciences728
Social Sciences1228
Electrical Engineering310
Civil Engineering38
Foreign Trade68
Industrial Automation58
Health Care26
Occupational Health36
Automotive Industry45
Molecular Biology15
Space Sciences15
Technical Standards15
Biosafety and Biosecurity14
Nuclear Energy14
Civil Construction23
Food and Beverage13
Food Security13
Hospital Equipment13
Agro Meteorology12
Animal Medicine22
Intellectual Property11
Mechanical Engineering11
Narration - Medicine11
Political Sciences11
Sound Engineering11


Comments of clients about Tony´s performance in some of the many meetings he has interpreted:

"Thank you for you excellent service over the week. For us to come to a new country with first class people as part of our team can only ensure that we are seen as being professional and make the best of impressions. I am sure we will be working together again shortly. Many thanks." - David Helm - Associate - MDA Consulting - Birmingham - England - UK.
Year: 2012Meeting no. 737

"You were the best translator (and I have had many) at any meeting I can recall. Your were very generous to translate the Brazilian lectures from Portugese to English for me and your fluency was remarkable. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you. All best wishes." Dr. Theresa McLoud, MD - Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston - Massachusetts - USA.
Year: 2012Meeting no. 770

"Dear Ayrton. We would like to thank for your excellent job during the International Seminar on Leadership, held at Teatro Riachuelo on June 15th, 2011. In spite of the adversities (...) you were crucial for the success of the seminar. Along with James Hunter, you did an excellent job on the stage, as highlighted in the testimonials of many participants who praised your performance. (...) the collaborators of the theater and our team were definitely impressed with your work. This is what has motivated us to congratulate you and express our many thanks for your commitment and effort to make the lecture a great success. On behalf of all of us at K&M Group, thank you so much! Natal (RN), June 16, 2011." - Mr. Kelermane Martins and the K&M Group Team. Natal - RN - Brazil.
Year: 2011Meeting no. 703

"Dear Mr Farias, I wanted to write to you to congratulate you on the superb translation work you produced at the medical congress in Recife during the last 2 days. My Portuguese is very limited, & your amazing translation was outstanding. As you saw I am quite old & have done a lot of lecturing all over the world, but I have never before experienced such polished interpreting of many varied speakers, sustained single-handedly over 2 days. Normally translators are much slower, & so the projected slide has disappeared before the translation of the speaker has finished. How you manage to produce polished English within 2-3 words later was quite unprecedented in my experience. I suspect that your version was in many cases superior to the original! I don’t know how you do it, but thank you. Please feel free to use this as a reference. I should also say that I have never before felt motivated to write such a letter." Dr. Peter Sleight, MD, DM, FRCP - Emeritus of Cardiovascular Medicine, Hon Consultant Physician, Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust - University of Oxford - Oxford - UK.
Year: 2010Meeting no. 645

"Over the last 3 weeks, I have been monitoring progress against the original training plan that I had produced, and with the excellent level of translation [Ayrton Farias and Lorena Farias] that we have enjoyed during the training we are running slightly ahead of the schedule by approximately 2-3 days." - Mr. Mark C. Leonard - PTA Operations Manager - Invista Performance Technologies - United Kingdom.
Year: 2010Meeting no. 638

"I have to tell you that every person I spoke to at the conference was amazed by your immaculate translations. We were stunned that you could listen and translate at the same time and felt there was something miraculous about your work. It certainly played a huge part in making the conference such a success." Mr. Michael O'Rourke - Scriptwriter - Vice-President - Australian Council of Film Societies - New South Wales - Australia.
Year: 2010Meeting no. 676

"Ayrton Farias is a very competent and trustable professional. He worked as an interpreter in two business conference of Petroquímica Suape, and overcame all of our expectations. Through his job, it was possible to train our process operators that did not know anything in english. Even in highly technical matters, he performed very well in our conferences. I really reccomend his job." - Francisco Sena - Process Engineer - Petroquímica Suape - Pernambuco - Brazil.
Year: 2010Meeting no. 638

"Tony. During my ten years of experience at the World Bank, I had the opportunity to work with numerous interpreters. My experience with you ranks at the top. I was deeply impressed with your professionalism, and the quality of your work is comparable with the very best. Thanks so much, Diana." - Diana S. MacKay, Director, Education and Health - The Conference Board of Canada, 255 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON K1H 8M7 - Canada.
Year: 2009Meeting no. 627

"Over the years I have worked with many interpreters in many parts of the world, including at the World Health Organisation. Without doubt, Tony is one of the best - if not THE best - interpreter I have ever worked with. He is not only fluent, rapid and seamless in his interpretation, he is also a pleasure to work with, a warm and kind man." - Dr Trevor Hancock - Public Health Consultant - Victoria BC, Canada.
Year: 2009Meeting no. 627

"Hi Ayrton. It was great working with you. I've worked in over 40 countries in the past dozen years, and you rank among the very best translators I've had the pleasure of working with. (....) Very best wishes, John." - Dr. John W. Bennett - Lawyer - Bennett & Associates - New York - USA.
Year: 2008Meeting no. 549

"When the local organizer of our Paris international conference heard that we would bring only Ayrton for the English - Portuguese - English interpretation, she shook her head in disbelief. As a very experienced event organizer, she knows that you need at least two interpreters for each language combination.... Moreover, this time we were relaying Chinese - Portuguese - Chinese through English... But as usual, Ayrton managed to do it all alone and with flying colors. Ayrton is simply the best interpreter I have ever met." - Dr. Juan Zak Senior Energy Scientist - UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development (URC) - Denmark.
Year: 2006Meeting no. 451

"It is amazing to watch and hear Ayrton in action; the flow of words comes so naturally that it is difficult to imagine that it is actually simultaneous interpretation. I would very happily recommend Ayrton to anyone needing an interpreter." - Dr. Jyoti P. Painuly - Senior Energy Planner - UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development (URC) - Denmark.
Year: 2006Meeting no. 451

"After spending 9 years in the United States, I can state I can speak an absolutely fluent English. For curiosity, from a professional point of view, I heard one of the presentations of the Brazilian delegation in English interpreted by Ayrton. I was amazed with both the accuracy of his translation on such a technical theme, and with his crystal-clear delivery. He is indeed a top-notch professional." - Dr. Maurício Esteves Marçal - Rio Bravo Investimentos - S.A. DTVM - Tokyo - Japan.
Year: 2005Meeting no. 401

"In April, 2005, I was in Beijing attending a workshop on energy efficiency coordinated by the World Bank. The audience had representatives from Brazil, India, China and South Korea. I had the opportunity to meet Ayrton Farias there. He is an extremely competent and professional person, and conveyed absolute confidence in his interpreting work during the meeting." - Dr. Marcelo Sigoli - Energy Efficiency Manager - AES ELETROPAULO - São Paulo - Brazil.
Year: 2005Meeting no. 401

"It was a great pleasure meeting you and not only enjoying your interpreting competency (managing to link translation and technical knowledge), but your comprehensive culture and pleasant personal presence as well." - Dr. Max Xavier - Director - Corporate Clients - AES ELETROPAULO - São Paulo - Brazil.
Year: 2005Meeting no. 401

"I fully agree to Jyoti’s view on your work there. Thanks a lot for your help. The workshop was done in a much better way due to your excellent interpretation. Hope we can work together again." - Dr. Myung-Kyoon Lee - Climate Coordinator / Senior Economist - UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development (URC) - Denmark.
Year: 2005Meeting no. 401

"It was very nice meeting you in Beijing during UNEP/ World Bank Workshop on Energy Efficiency (13-15 April, 2005). I was indeed impressed with your handling of the interpretation single-handedly, and so efficiently. The best part, you speak so clear English that one could follow each and every word during your interpretation. (...), and I have no hesitation in saying that I found you one of the best. (...) I would be very happy to recommend you to anyone needing a Portuguese-English interpreter and also invite you whenever an opportunity arises with us." - Dr. Jyoti P. Painuly - Senior Energy Planner - UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development (URC) - Denmark.
Year: 2005Meeting no. 401

"On behalf of the team I would just like to say how much we enjoyed having your excellent services as translator. It is like having another language grafted on as you seem almost invisible yet the communication process carries on perfectly. Your ability to communicate the sense and nuances of our work is always perfect and is a major factor in the success of the programme." - Prof John C Lowe - Centre for International Development and Training - University of Wolverhampton (UK).
Year: 2003Meeting no. 339

"I would like to thank you for the excellent and efficient contribution made with the Portuguese translation services rendered during the above mentioned meeting..." - Winston B. Charles - Root Crop Officer - Plant Production & Protection Division - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAO - Rome - ITALY.
Year: 1994Meeting no. 177

"I received several compliments on my presentation, but also many compliments from the English speaking people about the excellent translation you did." - Marvin Bozarth - Executive Director - AMERICAN RETREADER'S ASSOCIATION - ARA - USA.
Year: 1994Meeting no. 179

"Your translation of the Seminar that I led in Fortaleza in November 28, 1994 was excellent. I wish I had your talent..." - Donald E. Brown - Vice-President - CONWAY QUALITY, INC - USA.
Year: 1994Meeting no. 180

"At the end, when questions were asked in Portuguese, you translated into English for me; I was able to clearly understand the questions. What was even more impressive was that you were able to give emphasis to the words emphasized by the questioners, conveying the emotional context of the questions as well..." - Charles Young - Program Manager , TransIT - Open/OLTP Marketing - UNISYS - USA.
Year: 1994Meeting no. 181

"His choice of wording was well suited to the subject matter and the logic and emotion of the Portuguese presentations were complex and compelling. There was no language barrier." - Joan E. Gebhardt - TOWSEND & GEBHARDT Advisers on Quality - USA.
Year: 1989Meeting no. 14